Student Lifestyle

  • About the Laboratories

    Ascension Michigan Laboratory Services is comprised of six hospital laboratories and multiple outpatient service centers. As part of Ascension Southeast Michigan, we are committed to the quality, access, continuity and cost effectiveness of patient care.

  • Amenities
    Associate Discount Program
    Ascension Southeast Michigan Human Resources Department offers an extensive Program available to associates, interns and volunteers who have a picture identification badge. Price reductions are not implied endorsements of the named businesses, their services or products. The Associate Discount Program includes discounts in the following categories: automotive, clothing, dry cleaning, fitness, florists, services, shops, restaurants and travel. Other discount programs include Ascension Southeast Michigan Information Technology Services, Ascension Southeast Michigan Pharmacy Services, Entertainment, Mortgage and Banking, and College/University affiliations.

    Interns are assigned lockers.

    Food is available for purchase in the hospital cafeterias, restaurants, and coffee shops.
  • Appearance and Grooming Standards

    It is essential that an interns' external appearance reflect the high professional standards of the School, department, hospital and Ascension Southeast Michigan.  Interns furnish their own uniform scrubs.  Interns wear:

    • Uniform scrubs:  Solid GALAXY BLUE scrub pant, coordinating top (NO characters); coordinating professional smock-galaxy blue (NO characters); white shirt/turtleneck may be worn under scrub top
    • Personal Protective Equipment:  as stipulated in the INFECTION CONTROL and SAFETY PROCEDURE manuals, is provided and MUST be worn/used in each clinical rotation.
    • Identification Badge: To insure the safety of patients, associates and interns, intern MUST wear a picture identification badge.
    • Hygiene: Personal hygiene is REQUIRED at all times.  The laboratory is a fragrance-free department; therefore, use of perfumes and scented lotions is NOT allowed.
    • Restrictions within Specialty Areas: Specific clothing/protective attire restrictions will be identified within each clinical rotation.
    • Professional Image: Visible body piercings (excluding ears) and tattoos must be removed or covered by clothing or makeup.
  • Attendance

    Attendance is an important aspect in the development of a medical technology intern. Clinical rotation and academic schedules are planned well in advance. These schedules are developed to enable the intern to achieve the program’s goals and objectives. Particular attention to attendance on the part of the intern is necessary since these schedules leave little leeway for absence or tardy make-up time.

    • Contact Hours: There are approximately 40 contact hours per week, Monday - Friday. Hours vary with clinical rotation or assignment to assure experience and learning of as many procedures as possible. Some assignments begin as early as 6:00am while others begin at 9:00am. Selected weeks of the Core Laboratory clinical rotation include assignment on the PM shift, beginning at 2:30pm.
    • Absence Days: Five (5) absence days is the MAXIMUM allowed. More than five (5) absences during the program are considered excessive and may lead to counseling and/or disciplinary action up to dismissal from the Program. The five absence days are intended to be used for illnesses and emergencies.  However, if the intern does not use the entire 5 days for these purposes, up to two (2) days may be utilized as scheduled personal days.  These days should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance and approved by the appropriate clinical coordinator and Program Officials.
      Personal appointments (e.g., doctor, dentist) should be scheduled in advance.  Appointments that result in 2-4 hours of missed time will be considered ½ of an absence day.  Those that result in greater than 4 hours will be a full absence day.
    • Vacation Days: Vacation days are scheduled at the discretion of the School of Medical Laboratory Science and the number of days and specific dates vary each year. In general, vacation days are scheduled at Thanksgiving and during the Christmas and New Year holidays.
    • Holidays: Legal holidays are scheduled during the Clinical Program. They are: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Memorial Day.
    • Breaks: Lunch (30 minutes) and 2 breaks (15 minutes each) are scheduled by clinical rotation faculty as assignments permit.
    • Educational Functions: Supplemental seminars, workshops or lectures may be scheduled throughout the Clinical Program. These assignments may be at Ascension Southeast Michigan facilities or other locations in the region and/or state. Attendance is MANDATORY.
  • Counseling
    • Basic counseling and career guidance is available through program officials and faculty.
    • The services of Human Resources, Occupational Health, Spiritual Care and Social Services are also available.
    • In addition, the Employee Assistance Program provides counseling. It is a voluntary, confidential service providing professional counseling and constructive guidance. Its' purpose is to help personnel and families at Ascension Southeast Michigan to identify, resolve and gain control over personal problems that may be interfering with daily life.
  • Employment Opportunities

    Interns in the School of Medical Laboratory Science are not employees. However, many incoming interns are also interested in part-time employment in the Ascension Michigan Laboratory Services- some shortly after admission into the Clinical Program, some the summer prior to the start of the Clinical Program and others after the Clinical Program begins. In order to accommodate those interns who are also interested in part-time employment as a way to supplement their income during the clinical internship year, Ascension Southeast Michigan may offer PRN associate positions, which are designed to fit around the Intern's academic schedule. These positions are completely optional and are not required for admission to the Clinical Program.  A copy of the program's non-compulsory work policy is given to admitted students during program orientation.  Prospective and enrolled students may obtain the policy upon request of the Program Director.

    In general, optional PRN associate positions in Ascension Michigan Laboratory Services department can include but are not limited to:

    • Performing standard laboratory techniques according to established and approved protocols at the discretion of the manager/pathologist of a particular area and after completing an intern rotation or appropriate training in the assigned area
    • Maintaining equipment records
    • Performing quality assurance activities related to test performance
    • Following established system, hospital and department policies and procedures, objectives, safety, environmental and infection control
    • Complying with the requirements of accreditation and regulatory agencies
  • Rules and Regulations/Operational Policies/Causes for Dismissal

    Interns in the School of Medical Laboratory Science are required to comply with all Ascension Southeast Michigan Human Resources policies as well as the School of Medical Laboratory Science Policies and Intern Handbook.  Access to all policies as well as an Intern Handbook is provided upon admission to the program.  Prospective and enrolled students may obtain a copy of the Intern Handbook by written request of the Program Director

    Causes for dismissal from the School of Medical Laboratory Science include: 

    • failure to comply with School of Medical Laboratory Science Intern Policy and Procedure Handbook
    • failure to comply with Ascension Southeast Michigan Human Resources Policy and Procedure Manual
    • unacceptable academic performance


    An intern who voluntarily resigns from the School of Medical Laboratory Science MUST state their intent in writing (to program official(s) with a desired two-week notice provided.  Whenever a separation occurs, the intern I.D. badge and all other Ascension and School of Medical Laboratory Science property must be returned by the last date in the Program.

    Operational Policies:

    The program maintains written policies for the following aspects of student life.  Details on these topics are found in the Intern Handbook and the Program Operations Policy. Prospective and enrolled students may obtain a copy of the Intern Handbook and/or Operations Policies by written request of the Program Director

    • advising students
    • student problem resolution (grievance and appeals)
    • criteria for program completion and clinical assignment
    • clinical assignments and alternate placements if necessary
  • Environment of Care Management (Safety and Security)

    The goal of this Ascension Southeast Michigan function is to provide a safe, functional, supportive and effective environment for patients, staff members and other individuals. Effective management of the environment of care includes using processes and activities to:

    • Reduce and control environmental hazards and risks
    • Prevent accidents and injuries
    • Maintain safe conditions for patients, visitors and staff
    • Maintain an environment which is sensitive to patient needs for comfort, social interaction, positive distraction, and self-control; and
    • Maintain an environment which minimizes unnecessary environmental stresses for patients, visitors and staff

    Security Management Plan

    The purpose of the Security Management Plan is to provide a safe and secure environment of care for patients, visitors and staff by the protection of property and persons from loss or harm. This includes:

    • Providing a Security Police Department that is committed to promoting an environment where patients, visitors and staff are secure
    • Developing and maintaining a security staff who are competent in maintaining a secure environment
    • Documenting and investigating all security related incidents to assure compliance with applicable standards

    The Security Police Department is responsible for the development and implementation of the Security Management Plan. The department is designated as a Security Police Department. The security staff is comprised of both traditional security officers and security police officers. The security police officers have special training and are certified by the Michigan State Police as security police officers that have the authority to make both felony and misdemeanor arrests. The Security Police Department is operational twenty-four hours per day.

    The Security Management Plan maintains a program of activities that include but are not limited to:

    • Security risk assessment
    • Security training for security and non-security personnel
    • Mobile patrols
    • Installation and maintenance of security equipment
    • Personnel identification systems and access control
    • Participation in emergency preparedness drills
    • Security incident investigations
    • Coordination of monthly fire drills and monthly fire extinguisher checks
    • Liaison with outside law enforcement, fire department and other agencies
    • Establish security procedures
    • Monitor CCTV cameras

    Orientation and education programs address security issues and include but are not limited to:

    • Proper emergency procedures to be followed during a security incident
    • Organization’s processes for reporting security incidents
    • Mandatory Annual Safety Education Program

    Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment, sexual advances and all other physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature, during or relating to any activities connected to Ascension Southeast Michigan have been and continue to be strictly forbidden.

    Ascension Michigan Laboratory Services

    It is the philosophy of Ascension Michigan Laboratory Services to keep the environment for associates and interns as safe as possible; and, to keep radiation, hazardous chemical and bloodborne pathogen exposure as low as is reasonably achievable.

    • ALL interns are expected to behave in a careful manner in order to prevent injury to themselves or others.
    • Work area and all equipment MUST be left clean and in good working order (ready for the next person) after use.
    • Interns will follow all laboratory and hospital policies as stated in the INFECTION CONTROL and SAFETY PROCEDURE manuals.
    • Ascension Southeast Michigan complies with the Michigan Right-To-Know law and OSHA regulations.
    • Interns participate in Hazard Communication, Chemical Hygiene, and Infection Control programs during Orientation and throughout the Clinical Program
  • Financial Information
    Application Processing Fee
    A $10 application-processing fee must be submitted at the time of application.

    Certification Examination Application Fees
    To meet individual agency deadlines, application for certification is made while the intern is enrolled in the Clinical Program. Fees vary among examinations and interns must submit payment of the appropriate fee with each application. The Clinical Program provides certification examination information.

    College/University Fees
    Interns who are considered college seniors while completing the Clinical Program may be required to pay applicable tuition and/or fees to the appropriate college/university, even though the intern is not on the college campus. Payment of such fees may provide the interns certain rights and privileges of the college/university during the senior year.

    Financial Aid
    Interns who are required to pay tuition and/or fees as discussed above should contact the financial aid office at their university for information.

    Ascension Southeast Michigan is a system wide self-insured corporation. General liability and professional liability coverage is provided for interns through this program for services performed within the scope of the Program and their internship responsibilities.

    Interns receive a scholarship stipend of $550 per month, to assist with Program expenses. Stipend checks are directly deposited into the checking or savings account designated by the intern, typically toward the end of each month of the Program (schedule may vary slightly from year to year).

    Interns may have to purchase required textbooks. A list of required texts will be provided upon admission to the program. The usual cost of textbooks is about $200-300. Interns are required to follow laboratory appearance & image standards and must wear scrubs in the color designated by Ascension Michigan Laboratory Services. The approximate cost is $100.

    The School of Medical Laboratory Science does not charge tuition.

    Undergraduate Loans
    Most undergraduate loan payments may be deferred for the duration of the clinical program. Program officials assist with the appropriate documentation.
  • Health
    • Occupational Health performs the pre-entrance medical examinations for incoming interns.
    • Because interns are considered to be in the high-risk area for contracting hepatitis, the Hepatitis-B Vaccine is offered at no cost.
      • Although the vaccine is not mandatory, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. If the vaccine is refused, the intern is asked to sign a waiver indicating the vaccine was offered, the possible health consequence of not taking the vaccine are understood, and that the intern refuses the vaccination.
    • Influenza shots are required and are provided to interns at no cost.
    • In the event of injury or illness during program hours interns report to Occupational Health for evaluation.
    • For illness such as sore throat, cold, etc. interns should be seen by their family physician.
    • Interns may use the emergency and outpatient services of Ascension Southeast Michigan for their own medical care while they are participants in the Clinical Program at the cost customarily charged to the general public for such services.

    Fitness for Duty

    Ascension Southeast Michigan intends to maintain a safe, secure and healthy environment for all associates, interns and patients by ensuring that all associates and interns are fit for duty. "Fitness for duty" means the ability of an individual to safely and competently perform the functions of his or her job responsibilities.

  • Housing & Transportation
    Housing accommodations and expenses are the responsibility of the intern.

    Free parking is available in designated areas.

    The majority of the clinical rotations occur at Ascension St. John Hospital. Some clinical activities and rotation assignments are scheduled at different Ascension Southeast Michigan facilities. Interns are responsible for their own transportation to all Clinical Program functions.
  • Instructional Resources

    Medical Library
    Interns are encouraged to take advantage of the Medical Library resources available. The medical library is available for use during designated hours.

    Ascension Michigan Laboratory Services

    • Textbooks, periodicals, audio-visuals and multi-media instructional programs are available in the clinical rotation departments, School Intern Room and Laboratory Library. These resources may be removed with permission of the rotation faculty and/or program official(s).
    • Several PC’s are available with network access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet
    • "Copying" services are available.

    Ascension St. John Hospital Medical Library

    • Textbooks, periodicals, audio-visuals and multi-media instructional programs are available and may be checked out of the library.
    • Literature searches are available via: MEDLINE, Ovid MEDLINE, EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE REVIEWS, MDConsult
    • Interlibrary loans may be requested
    • Several computer workstations are available with network access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet
    • “Copying” services are available
    • The following equipment is also available:
      • Scanner
      • Combination DVD Drive and CD Burner
    • Ascension Southeast Michigan Medical Library Website provides access to a variety of library services and web-links, some of which include:
      • Links to individual Ascension Southeast Michigan Hospital library information pages with access to their databases and holdings
      • Electronic books and journals
      • Online library catalog
      • Article and search request forms
      • Patient video listing
      • Links to websites for health statistics, professional associations, government sites, practice guidelines and other pertinent reference sites.
  • Smoking
    Ascension Southeast Michigan is a smoke-free institution in accordance with Public Act 315 that strictly prohibits smoking in all health facilities. Ascension Southeast Michigan has complied with this law by prohibiting smoking in all buildings and vehicles owned or operated by the corporation. Violators of this corporation policy are subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.