Special Assignments and Activities

In addition to the traditional curriculum components, the Clinical Program includes Special Assignments and Activities. This part of the curriculum is scheduled throughout the year. It serves to enhance and challenge the professional and personal development of each intern. Assignments and activities vary from class to class, but generally include:

  • Clinical Research Project - Under the sponsorship of a Clinical Project Advisor, the intern selects and investigates a topic, designs and carries out the research, analyzes the results and presents the findings of the project in a professional paper, poster presentation and PowerPoint presentation.
  • Journal Club - Discussion meetings addressing current clinical and professional development topics
  • Attendance at Ascension Southeast Michigan Health System sponsored seminars and conferences, i.e. Clinical Pathology Conferences
  • Point-of-Care Testing shadowing
  • Client Account Specialist (Outreach Program) shadowing
  • Client Support Services shadowing
  • Community Service projects
  • Clinical case studies and discussions
  • Health professionals job shadowing
  • Mock certification exam
  • Attendance at professional state meetings

Curriculum Revision

Classroom instruction, rotations and enrichment assignments are frequently revised to keep abreast of current practices in the clinical laboratory sciences.