Community Information

Detroit is the 11th largest metropolis in the United States. Over four million residents live in the metro area and enjoy a thriving economy in which the health care industry has emerged as a major employer. Ascension Southeast Michigan services a patient population of one million annually, thanks to nearly 20,000 dedicated professionals who live and work in our communities. We hope the you will join us in calling this vibrant city “home!”

Today, our city is a haven for sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts, hot cars and cool music. In fact, Detroit is world-famous for exciting major league basketball, baseball, hockey and football teams. Our musical tastes srange from soulful Motown tunes to emerging techno-beat. Our art museum and orchestra are world-class and we're home to the best in automotive collections. Neighboring Canada is just across the bridge and every fall we host the only international marathon. Never has one city offered so much, within easy reach.

Left to Right: Detroit Institute of Arts, Comerica Park and The Henry Ford

Climate:Detroit area temperatures in the summer can climb to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) with fairly high humidity, but generally the days are a more comfortable 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). We have miles of waterfront on Lake St. Clair and inland lakes featuring all types of boating recreation and water sports. Snow is a possibility from early November onwards, so many residents enjoy skiing, ice skating,ice fishing and sledding.


Property taxes are now 9% below the national average. While the economy fluctuates, housing remains affordable and well within the reach of working and professionals and families.